CoNeSol is a specialist Visual Intelligence Service Provider whose primary aim is to empower and transform its clients in realising the benefits of Intelligent Video as a means to Improve Operational Efficiencies, Reduce Operating and Staff Costs, Improve Overall Productivity and Radically Improve Security,  by using state-of-the-art Video Intelligence technology to realise Economies of Scale.  We are supplier agnostic and have strategic partnerships with several world class providers that address the Small, Mid-Range and Enterprise Visual Intelligence requirements. 

Our Solution Offering Consists of:- 

FACT:-  Visual Intelligence used correctly equates to Real-time Marketing & Operational Optimisation, Enhanced Performance of Staff and Contractors and Improved Security & Monitoring. The results are Improved Margins and a deeper understanding of your customers and environment.

Pictorial Description:-
  1. Pro-Active Intelligence - using Visual Intelligence to proactively monitor your operation and automatically alert the control room to unusual behavior.
  2. Customer Intelligence - using Visual Intelligence to understand and define your customer behavior for Marketing, Promotional, Advertising and Operational Improvements 
  3. Face Intelligence - using Face Recognition to identify the "bad guys" and alert the control room - and use Face Detection to identify your Customer Demographic, typically Age and Gender
The introductory videos below highlight the above mentioned statement, and the "tabbed" sections of this site explain
each solution fit in 
more detail.

 Insights for Retailers 

Introduction to Video Analytics