Conesol Directors and Partners involvement in the Information Technology and related industry goes back more than 25 years where involvement has been in all sectors of these industry. Our historical expertise & involvement started in the high end IBM type 370 architecture sales, involving mainframe type hardware and business related software with the major Banks and Para-Statal's as the customer base, thru the then EDP and CMS. Business expertise and technological awareness was further increased with involvement in the Mid-Range computing industry, supplying Manufacturing and Process Control solutions to the Motor and Manufacturing industry, thru Siemens Nixdorf. Extensive exposure to IP based network environments via Networked Document Control & Workflow systems with CNS Zytek, which culminated in the supply of IP based high end surveillance solutions to a wide range of industries and customers thru  Axis and Honeywell - which included an installed  customer base of:-  Medscheme Administrators + Control Instruments Automotive + Hatch Africa + Gabriel Shocks + Emcon (Formerly ArvinMeritor) + Logrig Signs + Lyndhurst Autobody + Document Warehouse + Beith Digital, Weir Minerals, Plascon SA + Multotec, to name a few. 

This expertise and exposure places us in a unique position in that we fully understand the customer business and technical needs and how to propose, design and implement the best solution fit for our prospective clients, - taking the business process and technological requirements into account - which is something that is sorely lacking in our industry (and indeed our country) which is suffering from a chronic lack of IT & Business related skills.

Company History

We at CoNeSol (formally CNS Profweb) believe that no one can be all things to all people and which is why strategic partnerships is at the core of our strategy. Through long standing personal relationships and an established business network (since 1992) we have a strategic partnerships that augment our client solution offering. Through our relationship with the consultancy and training entity Profweb (www.Profweb.co.za)  we are able to call on the expertise of 120 specialised consultants across a wide range of disciplines, as well as enjoying a very close relationship with ABS who handle all infrastructure projects (www.acquired.co.za)  and who are the preferred suppliers to a number of Blue Chip companies including Dimension Data. Our previous installation list and achievements is noted in the above background section.

What we do
CoNeSol is a Specialised Solutions Provider with a focused approach on the implementation of Intelligent Video Analytics and Visual Intelligence Solutions to a People facing industry. Our offering is Turnkey-based in that we couple a Dynamic Change Management  approach together with our Visual Intelligent Solutions to ensure targeted development of the business including the targeted development of key resources to ensure that change is permanent.  This approach allows potential customers to Augment Efficiencies, Facilitate Structured Change, Optimise Operations and ultimately Realise Profits. Added to that our partners in Retail Consultancy and Dynamic Change Management help facilitate this new business dynamic with a wealth of expertise in Retail Intelligence and IT Support Services.

We are geared to implementing and managing specialised Video Analytics and Visual Intelligence solutions, including the support of In-Store, Mall based and related  high quality IP-based networked camera and computing solutions. We genuinely believe that we are amongst the few true Solutions Providers available in our local market with requisite IT Infrastructure, Change Management, Retail Consultancy and related skills, to assist potential customers derive the best (in terms of Marketing, Promotional, Operational, Planning and Security portfolios) from Video Analytics and Visual Intelligence solutions, as per the picture example below.

Strategy & Vision

To assist our client base realise the optimum in Marketing, Promotions, Operational, Planning and Security Savings - using Visual Intelligence to achieve this. In all instances Visual Intelligence, correctly used, always results in enhanced efficiency and reduced operational costs.  The growth in multi-functional IP Devices (ie; - IP Cameras) has presented customers with the benefits of using IP cameras in multiple roles. For instance a camera can do a combination of Monitoring AS WELL AS People Counting, Traffic Flow Analysis, Customer Demographic breakdown (ie:- Age & Gender), Face Recognition, Slip and Fall, Suspicious Behaviour (ie:- at ATM’s), ATM Skimming, Parking & Speed Violations, and much, much more.

For more information please email us on Sales@Conesol.com