Pro-Active Intelligence

Pro-Active Intelligence Outline

Customers are demanding “more-bang-for-their-buck” and given the advances in video technology this is a very reasonable approach.  Video Intelligence has spurred a multi-dimensional approach from IP based camera systems and it is expected that an IP camera do 3-4 different tasks simultaneously, for example, accurate Face Recognition, People Counting, Customer Demographics and Customer Traffic Flow to name only a few.  This approach leverages huge economies of scale, greater ROI and makes control room operators more effective.

The core purpose behind Pro-Active Intelligence is to allow the pictures (ie: - the video) to “speak” to the operator, thereby allowing the operator to be proactive, productive and effective. This in turn allows the operator to monitor dozens of cameras simultaneously. Some of the examples of automatic control room alerts are:- 

  • a known criminal has been identified entering the premises
  • or if a stolen vehicle enters the premises 
  • or if someone leaves a suspicious object in a hallway, 
  • or if someone removes an item from an area. 
All these actions will automatically alert the operator so that corrective action can be taken. Without Video Intelligence - it is possible for a single operator to monitor dozens of cameras whereas with Video Intelligence this becomes a possible task.

The inability of the control room to provide Pro-Active monitoring (see picture example below) is actually encouraging criminality, vandalism and a flouting of the rules by tenants and staff, which places the operation at serious risk.

Some of the use case examples of Pro-Active Intel are:-
  • Perimeter and Site Intrusion Detection
  • Foreign Object and Stolen Object
  • Licence Plate Recognition
  • Illegal Entry and Tailgating for People and Vehicles
  • Dwell, Loitering & Suspicious Behavior (ie:- Atm's)
  • Slip and Fall notifications
  • Crowd and Queue Buildup
  • Panic behavior (ie:- fighting or running)
  • Graffiti Detection
  • Parking and Entry violations by people and vehicle
  • Face Detection at parking & related entrances
  • Speeding, Wrong way entry, Vehicle Count etc etc
The video below - Pro-Active Intelligence overview - gives a brief demonstration of the above  mentioned  examples.