Customer Intelligence

Originating from the retail sector , Visual Customer Intelligence has been adapted to other sectors, including Casinos, Malls, Banking, Healthcare and Hospitality, as each sector has the same customer and pro-active intelligence requirement. 

Our Solutions (namely LightHaus and SSX) are world class Visual Customer Intelligence (VCI) solutions that extract cutting edge Customer Intelligence from in house quality IP Video feed - thus bringing the power of online Video Intelligence to retailers, mall owners, bankers, casinos, hospitality, health-care and other related industries.  

For example using VCI, retailers and mall owners (other sectors included) can do the following:- 
  • Combine Customer Intelligence with point-of-sale (POS) and Workforce data to measure Key Performance Indices so as to correctly utlise and schedule staff & security.
  • Validate the impact on Staffing levels, Marketing campaigns, Promotions and Store Layouts. 
  • Maximise Marketing & Promotions effort thru accurate Heat Maps, Customer Flow and Traffic information.
  • Manage your business using customer-centric  KPI's to make the most of every visitor, and turn browsers into buyers. 
  • Utlise VCI information to generate additional revenues from tenants, advertisers and exhibitors. 

By understanding customer interactions and staff responses inside their operations, customers can drive sales conversion at the product, category and store levels. In similar scenarios, financial institutions can optimise customer response and service levels, and plan capacity to improve the customer experience so as to drive brand loyalty. Malls can ascertain Customer Flow & Traffic patterns and verify Customer Numbers combined with Demographics, to fine tune marketing, promotional and advertising campaigns AS WELL AS address rental rebate requests (ie:- typical of Malls) and soothe tenant resistance and perceptions.

Anonymous Face Detection and Customer Demographic capability assist the client extract the relevant Customer   Intelligence information so as to pro-actively improve Marketing, Promotions and / or Merchandising, Operations, Planning and Security.  

For example:-  the correct deployment of the right security and cleaning staff to areas where there are more children  and pensioners within a given time frame. Staff can be redeployed from less busy areas for a limited period, which means we dont have to hire temp staff. The build-up historical data with real time Predictive Analysis allows us to instantly understand trends, peaks and lows associated with Customer Behavior, so we can plan accordingly. The same data can be used to generate additional revenues from tenant and advertisers based on the same Heat Maps and accurate Customer Traffic Flow patterns and Customer Demographics (ie:- Age and Gender breakdown). 

The following videos give an insight into some of the capability of Visual Intelligence in a Store or Mall.

Imagine having Visual Customer Intelligence available for your operationUnderstanding and Creating more opportunities in your operation with Intelligent Reporting

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