Face Intelligence

Face Intelligence  systems such as Cognitec FaceVACS and NEC NeoFace uses premier face recognition technology to detect and identify persons of interest while computing demographic and behavioral data which support Security staff, Marketing & Promotional and Operations management in one application. 

This can be achieved in one of two ways:-

  • Through Anonymous Demographics where I am only interested in what you are (ie;- Gender and Age), used in Marketing, Merchandising, Planning and Operations.
  • Through Direct Face Recognition where I want to know who you are (ie:- known criminal or a VIP customer) also for Marketing and Advertising purposes but also for radical improvement of Security.

The application detects people’s faces in live video streams or video footage and stores video sequences of cropped faces (face streams)  for each appearance in front of a camera. Anonymous analysis (also known as Customer or Anonymous Demographics) of all face streams over time, allows the software to compute the following:- 

  • Accurate People Count with Customer Demographic information
  • Customer and Staff Movement in time and space, 
  • Alerts on known criminals entering the premises
  • Detect frequent Visitors, and 
  • Alert on queues and crowds within specific areas. 

In short we want to keep the "Bad Guys" out and find out what the "Good Guys" are doing in our stores, branches and malls.

Face Intelligence can also be augmented with additional Video Intelligence additions so as to:- 

  • Separate customers from staff in terms of People Count.
  • Recognise faces (ie:- on a Watchlist.) as regards identifying known criminals when they enter the premises
  • Provide real-time Video Intelligence so as to monitor behavior and combat criminality & fraud.
  • Track Staff and Contractors within the premises
  • Provide an additional Security layer and Customer Analyses layer to the operation. 
  • Move toward a Pro-Active early warning Monitoring posture, instead of being continually reactive. 

Correctly installed,  Intelligent Face Recognition is an extremely powerful tool that services a number of departments within an organisation, including Marketing, Merchandising, Security and Operations and can be used very effectively when sharing information at local, regional and national level. Therefore known criminals can also be identified when they enter the premises of a sister store, branch or mall and the control room alerted so that counter measures can be initiated.

The video links below provide further explanation.

 Face Intelligence Overview Video - Cognitec "Known Persons" Identification Example  - NEC Face Recognition

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